Single-Event Donations

Single-event donations include:

  • gratitude donations (thanking FA for guiding your way toward peace and serenity amidst chaos and dysfunction)
  • celebratory donations (marking a special occasion, such as the sobriety milestone of a loved one or the anniversary of your first FA meeting)
  • in memoriam donations (honoring the memory of a beloved family member or friend, whether within or outside the fellowship)

Notices published in FA’s newsletter typically take the following form:

  • With gratitude to FA for helping me find peace and serenity. From Adam A., Group #1234, Anytown, CA
  • In memory of Charlie C., beloved FA friend. From Group #5678, Athens, Greece
  • In honor of Tom T.’s graduation from high school. From Frank T. and Fran T., Group #3456, Somewhere, NY

(Note: The newsletter editors reserve the right to edit submitted statements to meet space and editorial standards.)