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Families Anonymous groups meet in communities throughout the United States and in more than a dozen other countries.  We welcome you to our meetings which are held in-person and virtually.  When you attend, you may choose to participate in the group discussions, or you may just sit and listen.  First names only are used so to preserve the anonymity of all, and no dues or fees are required.

To find a meeting located near you or to attend a virtual meeting held on a convenient day and time, please select from the following options:

IN-PERSON Meetings - U.S.


Email Group (E-Meeting)

The E-Meeting is an email (LISTSERV styled) discussion group. It is the largest and most active group in the fellowship consisting of more than 700 members. It is available to the members 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. Members of the group hail from all over the world and share their Experience, Strength and Hope by typing their message to the list. The E-Meeting averages more than 2000 email messages per month.

Anyone wishing to subscribe to the E-Meeting should do so by sending a “blank” email (nothing in the subject line and nothing in the body of the email) to:

You will receive a confirmation email from the server that you must “reply” to without any changes or additions.

Important Note: many members choose to open a separate email account to keep this email separate from their private email. There are many free accounts you can open for this service.

If you have any questions regarding our E-Meeting, you may contact the group via  email (

Phone Meetings

There are 3 current Phone meetings:

Tuesdays at 7:30 PM PAC US (Group 1191):

To join the phone meeting,

Dial 605-562-8401. Access Code is 7505692#.
(for all T-Mobile and Metro PCS callers, dial 712-832-8599)

For more information call 323-931-5417 or please email


Saturdays at 3:00 PM EST US (Group 2076):

To join the phone meeting,

1. At the scheduled meeting time, dial the assigned phone number

      • In the United States: 605-313-5141
      • In the United Kingdom: 0330 998 1210

2.  When prompted, enter the access code given (164804#)

3. Wait for the group monitor to start

4. Use #6 to mute and unmute

For more information, please email


Thursdays at 10 – 11:15 AM EST US (Group 2147):

  1. At the scheduled meeting time, dial the assigned phone number
    • The Group uses Free Conference Call.
    • In the United States: 605-313-5795#
  1. When prompted, enter the access code given (120102#)
  2. Wait for the meeting to start
  3. Use #6 to mute and unmute or use mute button on your phone

Please call 631-949-6157 or email with any questions.


FA is truly a worldwide fellowship. FA has member groups in more than 14 countries outside the U.S.  While differences in language and customs exist, the FA program is the same regardless of location.

International Groups will often form Intergroups, and collaborate with the World Service Board to develop translations of FA recovery literature for local use.

International groups, Intergroups and National Service Boards operate in accordance with the World Service Board International Policy, which can be found below.

PPG-04 World Service Board International Policy

WSOF-08 IN-PERSON International Meetings


International Website Links