Audio and/or Video Recordings

  • Raising Awareness

    Raising Awareness

    This video is a recording of the Educational Committee’s presentation on growing the fellowship and your group.

  • Hybrid Meetings

    Hybrid Meetings

    This video provides information about how to host a hybrid group meeting Learn about equipment and technology Identify resources available on the website and within the FA community Hear from experienced groups hosting successful hybrid meetings

  • Bereavement, Healing & Hope

    Bereavement, Healing & Hope

      This video includes heartfelt stories of experience, strength and hope written by FA members. These demonstrate the on-going support received in their groups and how these members reached acceptance of their loved ones’ addictions and embraced the 3 C’s and other principles of the program before suffering their ultimate loss. Their stories show the … Continue reading “Bereavement, Healing & Hope”