Designing and Maintaining Boundaries

Have you ever struggled with setting appropriate boundaries with family members, friends or others? Do you feel unsure or confused about how or when to say “no”, “maybe”, “not now”? Do you try to set boundaries but then have difficulty maintaining them? Or do loved ones accuse you of being controlling?

If you can relate to any of this, please watch the Families Anonymous online education session featuring Betty Hill Crowson, life coach, retreat director and author ( Returning for a second time, in this new presentation Betty will bring some much-needed clarity, humor and concrete suggestions to help us maneuver through this complicated subject. She will outline a boundary “toolkit” which will not only enable us to identify and stop trying to control people, places and outcomes, but also empower us to learn how to have an appropriate voice which can set healthy limits for the good of all.

Attracting and Retaining Newcomers

Do you struggle to attract new members?

Do newcomers stop attending after only a few meetings?

Want to know what resources are available to help you “spread the word”?

If you answer yes to either of these questions, we welcome you to watch FA’s educational session on “Attracting and Retaining Newcomers” (below)

Help with Holidays

Family gatherings and holiday events can be tough, but we have options. There are things we can do to help us navigate the occasions that often bring added stress to family recovery.

Seasoned veterans of family recovery, Jeff & Jeanne share their family gathering experiences, offer ideas for dealing with our emotions and leave you with encouragement for your own journey through the next family event.

Addiction Recovery thru the Eyes of a Recovering Alcoholic

In this session you will hear about a journey of addiction from a recovering alcoholic. Randy Humphrey has been sober for 37 years and has worked in the field of addiction in various roles for the last ten years. He will discuss reasons for addiction, what the substance user is dealing with in their struggles for sobriety and why, various treatment options, levels of care and much more. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about substance use disorder from the experience of the user.

Creating Personal Balance, and Achieving Emotional Freedom

Are you feeling a bit out of balance with a tendency to give from the core instead of the surplus? Do you struggle with letting go of worry, resentment or regret? If so, please join Betty Hill Crowson, retreat director and author from, as she presents some doable solutions for getting our feet back under us and moving towards emotional freedom. Learn to regroup, refill, recover and release.

Family Culture

Wish your family handled conflict better or could find new ways to express emotions? Families are complicated, and feelings are real, but we have choices. Mike B from Group 2105 in Lafayette Hill, PA helped us unpack family dynamics and explored options for improving communication and building respectful relationships.

Assessing Your Progress in FA

Dale H from Group 171 will share his ideas for assessing progress as you work the FA program.  Is there a simple way to check-in with yourself?  Dale thinks so.  Join us for a high-energy presentation and learn his seven secrets.  Find out where you stand.  Figure out what to do next.

Twelve Step Workbook Workshop (Steps 1 – 12)


You can share these video links with your group members and work together with interested members on a Zoom or GoTo meeting, using the screen sharing option or you can view and access these individually. Please be sure to order #1019 The Twelve Step Workbook. Each presentation lasts about an hour.  It is recommended that these be completed at a rate of one step each week or every two weeks.  

Step One Workshop

Step Two Workshop

Step Three Workshop

Step Four Workshop

Step Five Workshop

Step Six and Seven Workshop

Step Eight Workshop

Step Nine Workshop

Step Ten Workshop

Step Eleven Workshop

Step Twelve Workshop