Family Culture

Wish your family handled conflict better or could find new ways to express emotions? Families are complicated, and feelings are real, but we have choices. Mike B from Group 2105 in Lafayette Hill, PA helped us unpack family dynamics and explored options for improving communication and building respectful relationships.

Assessing Your Progress in FA

Dale H from Group 171 will share his ideas for assessing progress as you work the FA program.  Is there a simple way to check-in with yourself?  Dale thinks so.  Join us for a high-energy presentation and learn his seven secrets.  Find out where you stand.  Figure out what to do next.

Twelve Step Workbook Workshop (Steps 1 – 12)


You can share these video links with your group members and work together with interested members on a Zoom or GoTo meeting, using the screen sharing option or you can view and access these individually. Please be sure to order #1019 The Twelve Step Workbook. Each presentation lasts about an hour.  It is recommended that these be completed at a rate of one step each week or every two weeks.  

Step One Workshop

Step Two Workshop

Step Three Workshop

Step Four Workshop

Step Five Workshop

Step Six and Seven Workshop

Step Eight Workshop

Step Nine Workshop

Step Ten Workshop

Step Eleven Workshop

Step Twelve Workshop

Bereavement, Healing & Hope


This video includes heartfelt stories of experience, strength and hope written by FA members. These demonstrate the on-going support received in their groups and how these members reached acceptance of their loved ones’ addictions and embraced the 3 C’s and other principles of the program before suffering their ultimate loss. Their stories show the power of Families Anonymous to relieve guilt and blame, and to grow in the program. All members will benefit from this publication and presentation.  It  ends with one hero’s newsletter article describing his personal transformation and includes a special guarantee for newcomers.  Don’t miss it!